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Pick a star on the dark horizon and follow the light

You'll come back when it's over. No need to say goodbye

Eileen Ariana Malfoy
1 July 1987
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I'm just a girl. Not a teenager, not a woman yet. My name is Maddalena, and I have a lot of nicknames. I think you can call me as you wish, it doesn't make difference, as long you're not gonna upset me. I'm a student. Japanese. I'm short, almost blond. I'm 21 and I like what I do. I don't think that there's so much to be said.

My university. Photoshop when I'm inspired. Simple things. Clear one. Things to be taken easily. Strong people. Honest one. Cosplay. Japan. Anime&Manga. Supernatural. Dean. Sam. John. I don't need to write the surname. Jensen Ackles. Jared Padalecki. C. S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia. The one and only Peter P. of my life: Peter Pevensie. The Pevensies. Skandar, Georgie, William and Anna. Their british voices. My Nintendo DS. Phoenix Wright. Yoga and Pilates. Books. Music. Depeche Mode. Honey. Cinnamon. Photography. Mathias Lauridsen. Draw. God.
Who speak without knowing. Complaining. Who complicate easy stuff. Emo. Givin' up. Being sick. Syndacates. Extremism. Communism. Nazism. Hate. House "music". Splatter. Idealism. Jacob hate. Edward Cullen. Paris Hilton. Mary Sue. Gary Stu. PWP Nc17 Fanfiction. People who says that there's no difference between Japan, China and Korea. Misunderstanding. My Generation. Heavy Voices. The phone. Melodrama. Deathly Hollow's Ending. Photoshop when I'm not inspired. Oversharpened graphics. Screen effect. Hard light effect. Bad taste.

Study. Buy the newspaper at the kiosk near the faculty. Read the newspaper and get the strong desire of burn it after the politic pages. Swear that I won't never buy the newspaper again and then buy it again. Read various articles from all the headlines on the net, 'cause I love to be prepared and to read all the point of view. Ring at my bestfriend house like I'm coming back home. Search for a lot of music and never listen it. Listen always the same songs. Put nail polish on my nails and then remove it after four seconds 'cause I messed up it. Say "now I'm going to study" and than lose time by messenger. Put the water on the stove and forget it. When I'm sad, begin to write a post on livejournal and then delete it 'cause I don't need anymore. Vanity Fair on Wednesday. Those little moments of vanity.

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